Monday, November 30, 2015

Minnesota Governor to Minnesota Residents: If You Don’t Like Massive Importation of Somali Muslims That Won't Assimilate, Then Leave The State

Governor Mark Dayton took advantage of a St. Cloud NAACP Community Conversation to express his feelings toward constituents who would rather live in Minnesota than in New Somalia:

“Look around you. This is Minnesota,” Dayton said. “Minnesota is not like it was 30, 50 years ago. … This is Minnesota and you have every right to be here. And anybody who cannot accept your right to be here, and this is Minnesota, should find another state.”

Dayton believes that Minnesotans should have to pick up the tab for the welfare colonists.For those many  Minnesota residents appreciate having their state given away to the modern equivalent of a conquering army. Dayton’s message to them is clear:

“If you are that intolerant, if you are that much of a racist or a bigot, then find another state. Find a state where the minority population is 1 percent or whatever. It’s not that in Minnesota. It’s not going to be again.”

Many Somali-American young people have disappeared from the Twin Cities, and community leaders fear the missing have joined the terrorist group ISIS.

Talk of the mysterious departures has circulated in the Somali community for weeks. The news comes just months after the April arrests of six men charged with conspiring to enlist with the ruthless militants in Syria.

The prospect of additional terror recruits slipping away to the Middle East has prompted members of a community task force to address the topic head-on.

Overall, more than 30,000 Somalis live in the midwestern state comprising the nation’s largest concentration of Somali immigrants, according to U.S. Census data.

Since 2008, as many as 40 men from Minneapolis have joined Islamist groups...

Overall, the number of Somalis resettled in the state has more than tripled in four years, according to State Department statistics

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