Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Melanie Foster? Really?? $20,000 Vacation MSU Paid and $4 Million of MSU Funds Lost During Her Last Watch

Vice Chairman Melanie Foster at the ribbon cutting of MSU Dubai
It turned out to be a $4 Million loss to MSU
Melanie Foster is banking on short term memories of Michigan Delegates this weekend at the Michigan Republican Party Convention. She hopes to get the nomination again to run for Michigan State Trustee
(MSU) and take back her seat as Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustee.

Two years ago as Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Melanie Foster lost her re-election bid to "retain" her seat.  Thinking that she had the election in the bag, Melanie planned a 10 day excursion to South Africa  to recruit potential students, take some university tours, and attend an alumni dinner and reception in February of 2013.  However, once she lost her bid for re-election, Melanie moved that trip up two months to December, so it would be still paid for by the university.  What was the cost of the trip? $20,000, .  This amount also covers $14,000 in expenses for Melanie's husband who also joined her on the trip.    

MSU Board President Joel Ferguson is on-record as having told her to not take the trip, as there was no longer any benefit to be had for MSU.  Melanie Foster took the trip anyways at the expense of MSU.

In October of 2013 WXYZ ABC7 Detroit got word of the waste that was taking place at MSU and tried to get comment from Melanie Foster.  After running from the news for over a week, Ross Jones of WXYZ tracked Melanie Foster at her home  (video below).  She claims she thought she reimbursed MSU.  How can you forget that amount of money?   After the interview she did pay back the school but sources say she paid the $14,000 back as a donation.  Paying the school back as a donation would have been a benefit to her as it would raise her donor status as well as it would be tax deductible.

This unauthorized trip to South Africa was pocket change to to what was lost on another pet project of Melanie Foster's, MSU Dubai.  

Under Melanie Foster watch and approval as Vice Chairmain of the Board of Regents, in 2009 MSU opened a satellite branch in Dubai at cost of $4 million.   In less than 2 years this school was closed. MSU and the country of Dubai were hoping to give students from Dubai, Pakistan, Iran and other surrounding muslim countries would come to get an American Education.

Those losses, said William Lawton - Director  of Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, include enduring damage to Michigan State's international reputation. "I think the main worry in regard to closure is the brand damage done. It's unfortunate for Michigan State that for the next several years, when anybody thinks about it in terms of international education, they're going to think: 'Oh, yeah, you closed your (undergraduate) campus.

With so much scandal and mismanagement, one would have to ask why  sources say so many establishment donors have donated to Melanie Foster's campaign which now exceeds $170,000.

Should Melanie Foster win the nomination this weekend at
Scott Schultz speaks with Lt Gov Candidate Wes Nakagiri
at the Holt Michigan Meet The Candidates
(photo courtesy Darlene Thompson & Ken Ration)
the Republican Convention, the Democrats will have a field day tearing her apart before the November general election bringing down her co-candidate, whether it be Jeff Sakwa or Scott Schultz.

If one was a voting delegate, they should consider casting their votes for Jeff Sakwa, a former MSU Candidate for Board of Trustees and Scott Schultz, a former candidate for Congress - asked by Ronald Reagan to run against Bob Carr as well as a former County Chair and Congressional District Chair.


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  1. Melanie Foster not only sounds like a waste of precious space .. but also an egregious big time abuser of our tax dollars.